Josh Smith

Student's Ministry Leader

What do you love about serving at NCC?
Having grown up in the church and moved back, NCC has always been home. The church body has always felt like family. Beyond that, the community in NCC has always been giving and caring to their community. The experiences I was able to have while involved in student ministry and the church as a student, and to see that culture still to be sought after, a church culture that intentionally seeks ways to show others in the community what living out, loving others as Jesus loves us.

What do you love about living in Brown County?
I’ve always said my favorite vacations have been going out and hiking in the mountains or camping in the woods. I grew up canoeing and kayaking. Brown County is the best place to live, and feel like you can be on vacation any chance you have free time. The hills are always gorgeous and anything outdoors that you want to do any time you want, you can’t beat that.

How do you enjoy spending your free time?
I love to cook for others. If I have the time, I absolutely love hanging out with friends or family and cooking for everyone and playing games. Sitting around a living room or fellowship hall or especially a campfire, I love playing games with a great community of people.

Is there a Bible verse or passage that is significant to you?
Growing up I didn’t believe a lot in myself, and because of that I struggled often that God wanted anything to do with me. But I also thought that that was ok, because that meant I could at least encourage others to pursue God because then they could be loved well by Him. Leaving high school and entering adult life, Ephesians 2:1-10 and Romans 5:3-4 spoke really deep into my heart. God has used those verses as a light to show me His love and help walk into an understanding of a purpose for all His children, and that is who we all are.